Welcome to the Storming Skies!

I just found out about Obsidian Portal. I really like the variety of features here, but obviously the wiki is the best of all.

This is my campaign setting, a different flavor from the traditional but time-tested generic fantasy world for which D&D is famous. Here orcish hordes and beasts from the wilds are not your greatest enemy. Here, the refuge of a city will not protect you from the true menace.

The Storming Skies takes place in the fusion of two worlds that were once whole. One is a chaotic realm of magic and terror, while the other is an ordered realm of mortals and freedom. The game takes place mainly on the latter, with the coming of the second always on the horizon. It is meant to be infused with the constant worry that time is running out.

I intend to fill the world with detail, and give it a unique feel unlike your usual setting.

Please give me your feedback, ideas, characters, whatever would help to enrich the world!

Storming Skies