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A Banished Land…

Prog Nasik was a land torn by chaotic magic and capricious gods. Men were but terrified vermin, gladly devoting their endless lives to anything that promised them solace in a world where everything could be lost in a moment. Many wished for death, rather than deal with the strain of constant loss and suffering. The strong willed would seek out the fey, who had the power to end their lives.

One in particular, now known only as the Liberator, overcame all of the world’s perils. It is said that he was a pawn with which Stvart played with, nothing more than a toy. He resisted all deciet, and the god granted him one wish, which Stvart assumed would be petty and small-minded.

“Gold? Freedom? Death?”

The Liberator instead wished for the heavens’ ties to be severed, freeing the land from spiteful gods. “That the fey and gods would no longer hold dominion, and immortals would finally perish.”

Though empires have fallen, and islands have run aground, the Liberator has not been forgotten.

Main Page

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