There are two types of gods, the Tyrants, and the Martyrs. Fey are also worshiped, but they have physical form, and are bound to Pristat rather than Raj.

The Tyrants are the gods of Prog Nasik, which held absolute power over the lands. They are evil beings locked away for millenia, and often used as curses among the human population.

There were many, but the most prominent include:

Tevorak, the Maker; Stvart, the Gambler; Velik Broj, the Thousand; Nomag, the Beast; Kinjit, the Tormentor; Sterosi, the Ageless.

The Martyrs were once mortals, their souls preserved because they died in devotion to a certain cause. They are worshiped all over Pristat, and vary locally. The only one all peoples have in common is the Liberator.


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