Demons are a race of relentless and savage immortals. Though “race” is only a loose definition. Most consider demons as simply being “things”. They rarely speak, ignore all negotiation, and rip any mortal that would approach them to pieces.

Sterosi is often called their creator, though others believe demons simply always existed and Sterosi is one of them. Both have merit, as Sterosi shows many of the traits of a demon, including having no apparent beginning.

Demons represent the violent destruction of the universe. Even fey do not have the sheer destructive tenancies or even capacity of a demon.

Demons dwell in the cold exterior of Raj, devouring the withered souls that wander too far from the hearth. They also collect the ashes of souls burnt in the inferno. Rakrans believe that they use the ashes to create more demons, though the true purpose is unknown.

They are the bitter enemies of devils, which have entirely different purposes for mortal souls.


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